Optimal data quality with Perceptica’s new media listening platform

Access insights into social media monitoring or any industry trends of interest in our media listening platform (MLP) and find ways to use them for your brand’s growth.

Perceptica is proud to present our MLP’s new features, which help your business keep up with consumers’ opinions and media. We listened to our clients and developed a new media monitoring dashboard design with a lot more features and easier use. 

MLP’s dashboard will allow you to follow traditional, online and social media with one simple click. You can easily monitor different media channels for mentions of your company or product, your competitors, or keywords related to your industry. Our quantitative analysis will help you analyze the information to make data-based decisions and put them into action.

What has changed in the Perceptica media listening platform?

New Filters

You can now filter your searches for specific information for any given period, sources, media type, and sub-type. That way you can look at the content from the point of view which is most relevant to you. Our filtering system can help you recognize any important patterns in media. It is also easier to use than before and allows you to save all of your previous searches, so you never miss any details during your monitoring process. Furthermore, you can now select filters in the graphic widgets as well as the listing dashboard. 

You can now organize your workflow more efficiently by implementing specific search items you need. It’s also displayed at the top of the page, making it easier to focus on a particular segment of data.

Choose a specific media sourceYou can now focus on a specific news source when doing the monitoring. Choosing one or more media sources can show you their sentiment or general tone toward your brand. If you’re interested in a specific media source’s content, you can easily track everything they mention about your brand. That can also help you determine any potential influencers in a given source that may affect sentiment.  

New detailed graphics

Our new detailed graphics will help your business receive visualized insights. You can get instant visualizations of the research results. Our graphics also show you all metrics of interest – engagement rate, reach, sentiment, and topics. That way you can visualize your data any way you want.

Word cloud

We also provide world clouds for every topic of interest. The bigger the word, the more it was mentioned. Word clouds can tell you what the audience thinks about a topic simply and effectively. Word clouds are beneficial because you can easily navigate topics that are important to the audience. 

Clients can download graphs in raw format

Our new design allows exporting reports or widgets and transferring information and using it on your website. You can download articles of interest in any desired format, or you can send them via email. You can also download the raw version and use it on your page hassle-free.

How does our new social listening dashboard help your brand?

The insights businesses can get from media monitoring are key for the future development and strategies of the organization. Your customers are sharing opinions on social media and a lot of valuable information on your products or customer service. You can also monitor how the media treats your brand and whether there are any potential PR risks you need to look out for.

Use our platform to monitor your competitors. Tracking competitors will give you important information about their place in the market and any new products they may be launching.

You can identify new sales leads too. Listening to what your customers say about your brand can help you build a solid relationship with them. That will ultimately help you increase sales and revenue.

Set your strategies with our new social listening dashboard

Don’t underestimate social listening insights! They can turn into better engagement or useful feedback. Our dashboard is the perfect tool to improve your businesses’ social listening intelligence and get ahead of the competition, as well as monitor mentions of your organization.

Try out the new features in Perceptica MLP

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