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A talk about the brand, solutions and creative approach

During the last weeks the situation has changed. It seems almost normal. We can walk around, meet with friends, some people are able to get back to their work places.

However, there is a precaution in the air. As Hristo Boyadzhiev, co-founder of “Tuk-Tam”, said during the first Fast Forward Talk: “The feeling last weekend was like nothing was happening. It was as if there is no crisis – neither economic, nor health. This is terribly misleading. “

Are we going to turn back to normal? Is this normal going to be a modified one or it’s not going to happen at all? We will see.

What we can do is to prepare for different scenarios, to look for creative solutions and tend to be able for fast changes in our strategic moves.

FFWD: „People don’t buy“

During the FFWD: „People don’t buy“ we will track on those businesses whose goods and services are usually in high demand. How did they react and what kind of solutions did they found? How did COVID-19 change consumer behavior and what were the main challenges that businesses faced?

Fast Forward Brand Talks

During the Fast Forward (FFWD) talks we will discuss the business environment with the main participants in it. We will talk about how the companies reacted to the situation, what communication actions they have taken and what their plans for the future action.

We will search for answers together with Genoveva Petrova, Executive Director at REMIX Second Hand & Outlet and Kalin Kokosharov, co-founder and manager at Yellow Taxi.

Moderators of the discussion will be Dilyana Dobrinova from the other half and Gergi Auad from Perceptica.

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The discussion will be held online. In Zoom.

Date: 12.05.2020
Time: 18:00