Lidl and Kaufland dominate the media conversation

The two supermarket chains take up 89% of the online conversation

Supermarket chain Lidl dominates the online media conversation with 61% of all mentions, a new analysis by media intelligence agency Perceptica shows. Kaufland comes in second place, with 28% of all mentions. The analysis encompasses online mentions of FMCG chains in traditional and print media, blogs and forums, Twitter and Facebook for the period January-March 2017.

Billa is the third most talked about chain with a total of 836 mentions. This volume is almost doubled compared to “Fantastiko” (471). In comparison, Lidl amassed 8482 mentions (comments, articles and posts).

When stating their opinion towards a supermarket chain, users put the emphasis on various factors they either like or disapprove of. The quality of products offered by retailers is the most often-cited reason for positive or negative mentions in social media. The category encompasses the quality of the entire product line-up – from food products to detergents. The second most important factor was the abundance of products, or whether a given product could be found in the chain.

Clothes and shoes – the leading factor for Lidl’s positive image

Users most often comment on the quality of Lidl’s products. What’s especially positive is the sentiment towards shoes and cloths, which can be found in the supermarket chain. The same goes for parts and tools for cars and bicycles. At the other end we find some key foods, including fruits, where consumers mostly complain about the quality of tangerines, as well as the presence of antibiotics and preservatives.

The wide-ranging products line-up is among Kaufland’s key advantages

The sentiment towards Kaufland’s products quality is was relatively balanced. Non-food products are one of the most liked sides of Kaufland, including mattresses, pillows and makeup, as well as seafood sold at special stands in the store. Meat, however, was often criticized for almost never being fresh.

Billa generates the most online discontent

Billa is the worst performing supermarket chain in terms of users’ comments and sentiment. Online discussions regarding the company are almost entirely negative, especially when it comes to quality, employees’ attitude towards customers, the way the stores are arranged and cleanliness. Billa’s advantage includes promotions and the stores’ locations – the many stores, including smaller ones, are one of few drivers for positive comments.

Users also criticize employees in Fantastiko, their lack of cashiers, as well as the difference between the price on the label and the actual price upon payment.

Not unlike other supermarket chains, Fantastiko’s clients are extremely unhappy when, in their words, they are being lied to by the stores’ cashiers. In one case, which consequently became quite popular and well-known, the “Commission for consumer protection” investigated Bulgarian chain “T-Market” for scamming their clients. This pertained to several cases when the price printed on the label did not correspond to the final price. Even though the Commission never disclosed the name of the chain, users quickly found out that it was “T-Market” that was sanctioned and quickly shared the news. From that moment on, every similar case was said to be “just like the T-Market scam”.