Comms Talks: Tourism – how communications influence tourism

On 28 June the Comms Talks initiative will hold its final edition for the season at Sofia’s SOHO coworking space, and will focus on the Bulgarian tourism industry. 

Comms Talks: Tourism sets out to explore the role of communicators in setting the tone and direction for the tourism industry’s projected growth. At a time when countries openly question tourist booms and seek to reduce visitor numbers or encourage different, more sustainable kinds of tourism, Bulgaria seemingly remains committed to bringing in as many mass tourists as possible.

This is just one of many topics that we will discuss, starting 16:30 on 28 June, with some of the most experienced communications professionals in the sector. The full lineup of speakers will be announced soon.

The event marks the final of Season 1 of Comms Talks, which will return with three new editions in September 2019. Book your place now through Eventbrite and like us on Facebook to learn more and never miss a thing about upcoming events.

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About the event:

Comms Talks is a collaboration between media analysis agency Perceptica and EACD, and supporting partners BDVO and the International Association for Communication Measurement and Evaluation (AMEC). Our events are public, free to attend, and targeted at current and future communications practitioners.