Start Monitoring

Access to the right information at the right time is essential for decision-making and timely action in managing key activities. One of the prime challenges businesses and organizations are faced with today is the processing and filtering of the vast flow of information in the context of the ever-growing tasks of PR and marketing professionals.

The Start Monitoring package will meet your information needs. It includes the following three services:

Daily monitoring

A new project based on keywords of your choice. Depending on your needs the keywords could be aimed at your brand, competitors or field of operation. These will be used to track information for you from print, broadcast (Radio & TV) and internet media.

You will receive a daily newsletter based on the specified keywords so that you are always informed about everything related to your brand. This newsletter can be sent to you only, or to the entire management of your company or organization. It will contain the full body of the articles in which your company or brand is mentioned, along with their accompanying metadata: title, media type, media name, link to the original article, date and time of publication.

In addition, you will also gain access to our media monitoring platform, with three accounts for it, where you will have access to the information in real time and be able to make various inquiries, as well as extracts in various formats. This newsletter will not only keep you updated about everything said about your brand in the media, it will also enable you to track the press releases you have sent and be sure the key messages in them have been adequately relayed to the audience.

Leading Bulgarian News

In addition to the main newsletter with news about you, you will also receive a daily Leading News from Bulgaria newsletter with the latest local information related to politics, economics and the society.

The newsletter will provide a comprehensive overview of the leading headlines in the media for the day: no more than 15 news items which at a glance will give the gist for the day - short, accurate and clear. This one page will brief you on the current situation in our country.

Press Releases

In addition to the two newsletters, the subscription for the Start Monitoring bundle comes with the opportunity to publish up to three press releases per month on a designated section on our website. In addition to that we will make sure all our current customers receive your press releases as an additional newsletter. The press releases can be published in English or Bulgarian.

This bundle provides basic media monitoring services and also assists you in disseminating your messages via our designated press release section. The Start Monitoring informs you about everything written about you in the media, as well as everything happening in our country.

You can easily subscribe for the Start Monitoring package. Just drop us a line or give us a call.