Media consulting

Strategic advice on your communications activities, every step of the way.

We integrate our media listening technologies with our expertise as media analysts, academics, and marketing and public relations professionals to offer 360-degree, data-driven and strategic communications consulting.

Perceptica's approach

We take a “business objectives first” approach to evaluating and advising on media and communications activities, helping practitioners streamline their efforts and align their strategies with what matters most from a business perspective.

Why choose Perceptica?

Our clients include in-house and agency communications teams, businesses, non-profits and institutions, who we have consulted on:

  • Improving communications effectiveness and cost-efficiency
  • Setting crisis communications plans and early warning systems
  • Building tailored media evaluation models based on client-specific KPIs
  • Defining communication KPIs and benchmarks based on business goals
  • Presenting communication results to the C-suite
  • Pitch and tender preparation
  • And much more

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