Media analysis

To get true insight about your business or your clients you need a partner with access to the relevant data, who know how to read it. 

Tailored reporting

Be it for a brand, person, topic or industry, and regardless of whether you are after an annual report or daily updates on an unfolding crisis, Perceptica’s reports are a powerful reputation management tool tailored to your specific communication and business needs.

Our coverage

Perceptica’s analyses cover:

  • Traditional Bulgarian print and online media, television and radio, with an archive from 2014 onward
  • Social media platforms*, forums and blogs
  • Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Russia, North Macedonia and Albania
  • Further media sources and types of sources added upon request

*Facebook & Twitter monitoring is part of our standard offering; additional social media platforms are monitored upon request.

What's inside

Depending on your requirements, our reports can include:

  • Sentiment analysis
  • Share of voice
  • Competitor, market and industry rankings & analyses
  • Media channel effectiveness rankings & analyses
  • Influencer identification
  • Critical topic identification
  • Custom metrics and methodologies added upon request**
**As AMEC members, we support the international communications community's “Say No to AVEs” campaign to limit the use of advertising value equivalents (AVEs) as a measure of editorial media publicity. Read more here or get in touch so we can consult you on AVE alternatives.

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