What happens when people are gone?

Media analysis for industries which need the physical presence of people at the spot. What happened to these businesses in the first half of 2020? How did the crisis affect them? What do they say about the situation?

If in January 2020 someone had asked us: “Where would you spend the first sunny spring days?”, probably few people would say: “At home”.

Most of the people would think of walking in the park, meeting with friends at a favorite restaurant, visiting festivals and concerts. Others would imagine that they would start courses for further education, or they would not leave the office because there is so much work to do.

And we would all be wrong. We would all stay at home. This lock down caused a strong impact on the economy. Particularly disadvantaged are those industries that need the physical presence of people to survive. 

The “People are gone” report

You can download the report “People are gone” for free from this page. The analysis was made because of the FFWD: “People are gone” event. You will find interesting information about how the crisis has affected the restaurant business, entertainment, conference and trade show industry. The scope of the report includes: Bulgaria, Austria and the USA for the period from March 15th until May 8th. 

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