Customer behavior during a state of emergency

Media analysis related to people’s attitudes towards various goods and services. What is important for us as customers when we make a choice whether to buy something?

In March 2020, 14% of users on social networks said that they avoid all consumption except for essential goods. People working from home noticed in April that they had saved a large amount of money compared to previous months. The main reasons are that they have started cooking at home, spend less money on entertainment and their impulsive spending has generally decreased.

Now the situation is starting to look more and more normal. Security and safety, however, have stood out as particularly valuable to consumers in recent months.However, before we thought more about how much the online order will cost us, now we pay attention to the conditions in which the goods we order are stored. Do we trust the company we order from and the one that will deliver the goods? Do they follow the necessary measures to keep us safe when shopping online?

Media analysis: Customer behavior during a state of emergency

You can download the report for free from this page! This media analysis is related to the specifics of customer’s conversation in social media during the state of emergency we all happen to live in.

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