Communications challenges in the tourism sector

What is the role of communications - media, PR, marketing and advertising, in creating a unified, positive and sustainable brand for Bulgaria? What is and what should Bulgaria's communications strategy as a tourist destination be?

These were just  some of the questions in the focus of the Comms Talks: Toursim discussion, which took place last Friday, 28 June, in Sofia's SOHO coworking space.

Communications experts came to the conclusion that Bulgarian tourism's main problem is less about communications, and more about how the government creates and develops sustainable models and policies in the tourism sector (or how it fails to do so). Along with that, another topic was central to the discussion, which largely defines the kind of tourists Bulgaria attracts, and the way the perceive our country - should we, and can we, be more hospitable in order to create a more sustainable type of tourism, which doesn't rely on season-specific activities, but relies on experiences?

Perceptica's full media coverage report includes 23 tourist sights in Bulgaria and measures their popularity among regional and international tourists. For the purpose of this analysis only specific sights were used and not entire tourist complexes or resorts, where it is hard to define what part of the conversation concerns the resort, and what part covers it as a tourist site.

Perceptica's report is completely free and you can download it!