Communications challenges in the Pharma industry

How effective is the pharma industry at getting its messages across to an increasingly (mis-)informed audience?

Comms Talks: Pharma is the first edition of Comms Talks, a series of six, sector-specific discussions that seek to foster dialogue between practitioners from the communication industry’s four constituent parts: in-house teams, agencies, media, and media analysis providers. By creating an inclusive, interdisciplinary platform, we aim to consolidate our industry’s silos to offer a critical and multilateral perspective on the challenges practitioners from each discipline and sector face. We believe this dialogue will help tackle mis- and ineffective communication, and contribute to the industry’s overall development.

Comms Talks is a collaboration between Perceptica and EACD, and supporting partners BDVO and the International Association for Communication Measurement and Evaluation (AMEC).

The post-event report features analysis of the social media conversation on several key topics for the discussion, including:

  • the online conversation about diabetes
  • the lack of trust in general practitioners
  • homeopathy and home treatment

The report shows a small part of Perceptica’s capabilities. If you’re after a custom, more detailed report, then get in touch and we will contact you shortly.