Competitive Analysis of the Supermarket Industry in Bulgaria

The report focuses on the media coverage of the supermarket industry in Bulgaria during the first half of 2023. The competitive landscape of grocery chains is represented by the leaders Lidl, Kaufland, Billa, and Fantastico which together take a share of 90% of the whole conversation on the topic. Less popular in the media are the hypermarket chains T Market, Metro, Promarket, and others.

Competitive analysis of the supermarket industry in Bulgaria

For the purpose of this report on the supermarket industry in Bulgaria, the analysed data is aggregated from Traditional online media* (news websites), Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and Forums) and Print media, using Perceptica’s media listening tools.

The report uncovers some of the industry trends, including which brand has the highest SoV, what is the dominant media channel within the industry, which sources publish the highest volume of content on the topic, and many more insightful findings.

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