Prevention Through Awareness: The words used in domestic and gender-based violence related news

The inappropriate words used in media headlines towards the domestic and gender-based violence are shown in the word cloud below.

The words and phrases highlighted in red are example of disciminative and stereotyping vocabulary. When used in the headlines their purpose is to draw attention to certain characteristics of the people. The minority groups are usually the one affected by this kind of aggressive words.

Sexual orientation, ethnicity and such characteristics do not have to be intruded in articles regarding domestic violence. Discriminative words used in the media headlines have an extremely strong effect on the minority groups and distinguish them from the other members of a society.

Even more extreme is the use of ready-made expressions that directly make a pseudo-logical link between a specific group and a criminal act such as “rape-refugees”, “gay-killers” and so on. Such kind of jargon has no place in journalistic materials, especially as part of the headlines that promise yet another sensation.

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