Prevention Through Awareness. Study of the media coverage over the domestic and gender-based violence

Domestic violence and gender-based violence (DVGB) are a problem that is covered daily in the media. For one year, in the period November 2018 – November 2019, 7475 relevant articles were published on the topic in Bulgaria and 7179 – in Norway. Over 40% of publications in the Bulgarian media somehow downplay the violence, while Norwegian publications avoid doing so. This became clear during today’s final press conference on the project “Prevention through awareness” ACF / 349, funded under the first competition for strategic projects of the Active Citizens Fund Bulgaria (Active Citizens Fund) under the EEA Financial Mechanism 2014-2021.

A comparative analysis of how the media in both countries approach the same problem and how they cover cases of domestic and gender-based violence shows that the two countries have something in common – the share of publications that simply transmit information without emphasizing their attitude to the problem (43% -45% in both countries). Over 50% of articles in the Norwegian media are either openly against violence or (in over 40% of cases) provide a qualitative analysis of the problem. The overall picture in Bulgaria and Norway is a function of both the attitude of journalists and the media towards violence and the attitude of the stakeholders they cite.

You can find the project broshure here.

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