Perceptica successfully completed an EU funded project

On 11.05.2019, Perceptica EOOD successfully completed the implementation of a Grant Contract project under BG16RFOP002-1.002 “Support for the Development of Innovation from Start-up Enterprises” of the Operational Program “Innovation and Competitiveness” with Managing Authority the Ministry of Economy of Bulgaria.

In accordance to the contract, Perceptica successfully implemented project № BG16RFOP002-1.002-0679 “Semantic repository for polymetric data from media sources”.

With the financial support of Operational Program “Innovations and Competitiveness” through the European Union and additional domestic funding, the company has successfully developed and implemented the media sources polymetric data semantic repository.

The polymetric data semantic repository for media sources is an innovative solution developed by Perceptica Ltd. for the purposes of the creative industry, and more specifically, in archival work and librarianship. It consists of a systematized, multidimensional archive, built and implemented in a machine-readable format through enriching modules and semantic instruments that recognize content.

In the project’s framework a repository for media sources with detailed annotations was developed, along with a flexible and protected system for media classification according to their meaning. The task of the innovative repository is to eliminate the current limitations of the existing approaches by creating a more reliable, more detailed and more flexible system, where every information source (media) can be imported, annotated and updated automatically through machine-powered enrichment and indexing according to a scientifically-proven methodology.

The project was implemented over the course of 24 months.