Perceptica launches its new website

After going through a rebranding and some internal changes, Perceptica launched its new website in the beginning of April.

We are proud to say that our new website is online! With sister company Media Monitor and Perceptica merging in one media monitoring and consulting provider, it was time for a slight change of identity and a fresh look, which reflected in both our colors and our website. A change was long due, and now a new phase begins for us. Many things have become better, our scope has expanded and we are better equipped then ever to provide strategic communications management, tailored to your brand.

Our offering and the way we work remain unchanged: with your brand’s strategic communications in sight and an unprecedented scope of both monitoring, analysis and consulting services, we manage your strategic communications for better positioning, better self-awareness and providing you with more ways to expand your business.

Thank you for being with us!