Perceptica and the other half present FFWD: “People are gone”

An online conversation about the future of brands

Within a few weeks our lives changed. Everything was closed – people, business. Now we return to our usual rhythm, but no one is sure whether or not this will happen completely. How does business react in the different phases of the unusual situation?

We at Perceptica, together with our friends from the other half, want to talk with representatives of various businesses that have been directly affected by the crisis.

Fast Forward

During the Fast Forward (FFWD) talks we will discuss the business environment with the main participants in it. We will talk about how the companies reacted to the situation, what communication actions they have taken and what their plans for the future action.

The first edition of FFWD is called “People are gone”. We will pay attention to those businesses that require the direct presence of people at the point of sale. These are some of the most affected companies which are facing significant challenges. In difficult times, great heroes are born. Who will be our guests? Follow FFWD Facebook event for more information!

The discussion will be held online. In Zoom.

Date: 12.05.2020
Time: 18:00