Misinformation – healthcare’s worst enemy

Perceptica Director Georgi Auad on Bloomberg TV

In an interview for Bloomberg TV, Perceptica Director Georgi Auad and BDVO Board Member Elena Mateeva talked about the current state of communications in the pharma industry and healthcare in general, highlighting the most wide-spread challenges and problems they face.

“The biggest problem the healthcare industry faces is the stream of misinformation. Facts are often distorted to cause a sensation”, Georgi Auad said, adding that a a loss of trust in doctors can be seen globally, with patients preferring home treatment and alternative medicine for easily curable diseases, such as the flu.

“A big challenge to the pharma industry is that of state regulations”, Elena Mateeva said, stating that the last time the law for pharmaceutical products was updated was in 2012, a period that, for the Digital Age, is quite significant. “Regulations aren’t as strict online, but the pharma industry still has it’s internal regulations that do not allow it to contact the end user directly.

Watch the full interview here.