Monitor Your Brand 24/7

Be aware of news and opinions about your business, competitors and industry 24/7.

Strategically Respond to Online Conversations

Know the tone of the conversations in media, blogs and social platforms and react to them accordingly.

Easily Interpret Data

Get a better understanding of the data and use visualisations to make sense of it in front of your stakeholders

Omnichannel coverage of the mediascape
  • 1000+ traditional media sources in Bulgaria, both online and print, and 24 radio and TV channels
  • 5000+ online media sources from Croatia, Romania, North Macedonia, Serbia and Slovenia
  • 40 000+ Facebook public pages, a selection of Twitter accounts, blogs and forums in Southeast Europe
  • 100K+ corporate, public and institutional websites

*Facebook Official Public Pages & Twitter monitoring is part of our standard offering; additional social media platforms are monitored upon request.


Not just monitoring, but monitoring tailored to your business


Content from traditional and social media websites is being automatically fed into the system using cutting-edge elastic search technology. Print content and summaries or transcripts of broadcast materials are also available on the media monitoring platform.


Our search strings eliminate unnecessary and irrelevant data, allowing you to concentrate on the information that matters. We apply real-time updates to every project in order to fine-tune the information output.

AI-generated insights

Using machine learning and AI-generated models, our media monitoring tool can automatically identify topics, sentiments and named entities in the media. Based on this technology, you can instantly gain a better understanding of how your brand is perceived.


Your best source of data-driven insights

Perceptica provides a user-friendly Media Listening Platform (MLP) to help you keep up with consumers’ opinion and media.

Using cutting-edge technology, Perceptica gives you access to selected and relevant media content from all types of sources: blogs, forums, websites, newspapers, TV and radio stations. You can download the data in various formats – excel sheets or CSV files – and send automated scheduled reports or ad-hoc triggered alerts.

Perceptica’s Media Listening Platform provides you with:

  • Real-time monitoring of print, online and social media
  • Customisable alerts and newsletters
  • Customisable information feed
  • Clipping curation and download
  • Quantitative and qualitative coverage analysis
  • Article summarisation upon request
  • Automated AVE and Daily visitors
  • Sentiment analysis 

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