From Media Monitoring to Media Analysis

Media analysis is a complementary service that builds on the media monitoring that we offer by enabling you to benefit from in-depth analysis of topics of key importance to you.

At Perceptica, our mission is to provide insights that allow you to better understand your customers, the market and your competition. To that end, we take advantage of the capabilities of our media monitoring and analytics platform and the expertise of a team of professional media analysts to provide you with comprehensive media monitoring reports to help you make important business decisions and improve your communication strategy.

We Combine Advanced Technology with Years of Expertise

Perceptica has an expert media monitoring team that provides analysis of key topics, trends and developments in your specific industry. We are experienced in identifying reputational threats and providing media intelligence strategies to help you monitor, protect, and grow your image.

Using advanced machine learning algorithms and modern data extraction technologies, Perceptica automatically transforms large volumes of unstructured data into structured information. We believe that good decision-making requires being informed, so we make sure our clients are always aware what is going on in their surrounding environment.

As a last step that analysed data is presented in your preferred format and language, and can be structured in reports, tables, graphs, real-time alerts, custom newsfeeds, or as quantitative data, depending on your needs.

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What we do?

Media Analysis to Meet All of Your Needs

Perceptica provides the most accurate and timely media analysis services available in Bulgaria. With a deep understanding of your brand and competition, we analyze thousands of sources to provide detailed information on the public opinions and perceptions, both positive and negative, about your company, products, campaigns or competitors.

Perceptica’s media analytics can become a critical component of any business strategy as they help you better understand your business environment, your customers, and your main competitors. By identifying current trends, we can help you leverage opportunities and prevent threats before they even occur.

Types of analyses depending on their purpose:

  • Reputation analysis as an employer
  • Reputation analysis
  • Crisis analysis
  • Competitive analysis

Types of analyses depending on their frequency:

  • On-demand analysis
  • Crisis analysis
  • Regular analysis (monthly, every 3/6/12 months)
  • Only in case of specific events/during a specific campaign
Omnichannel Coverage of the Mediascape with Perceptica’s Media Monitoring
  • 1k+ traditional media sources in Bulgaria, both online and print, and 24 radio and TV channels
  • 5k+ online media sources from Croatia, Romania, North Macedonia, Serbia and Slovenia
  • 40k+ Facebook public pages, a selection of X (Twitter) accounts, blogs and forums in Southeast Europe
  • 100k+ corporate, public and institutional websites
  • 10+ years of coverage

*Facebook Official Public Pages & X (Twitter)monitoring is part of our standard offering; additional social media platforms are monitored upon request.

What are the benefits?
What information does Perceptica’s media analytics provide?

Perseptica’s in-depth media analyses will provide you with information on a number of factors of great importance for your positioning, reputation and communication strategy. Some of these include information on what is the prevailing sentiment of the discussions around your topics of interest, what is the positioning and reputation of your competitors, what are the most effective media channels for you and your industry, who are the relevant influencers, what is your share of voice, what are the key topics and trends in the market and much more.

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