How can media monitoring support communication experts?

If you are a communication expert you know how important it is to:

  • Track the campaign results;
  • Build a good brand reputation;
  • Handle crises;
  • Have the right information at the right time.

The PR & marketing expert challenge

Comms nowadays should have every piece of information which may in one way or another affect their business: not just directly related facts but also those concerning the economic or political situation in the country, changes in legislation, decisions of the Council of Ministers, fluctuations in interest rates, cultural events, etc. Let’s face it – PR and marketing professionals are expected to know everything and always because every tiny bit of information might play a crucial role in the business they operate in.

Nevertheless, communications experts also have to synthesize the information, analyze it and summarize it for the management, as well as accompany it with relevant advice and guidelines for follow-up action.

The problem is that there is too much information

Every day in the Bulgarian media (here we mean all types: printed, electronic, Internet websites), over 100,000 units of information appear – articles only, not taking ads into account. Does this sound familiar to you? If you are a communication expert – probably the answer is “yes”.

Very often, however, the companies lack the budget for additional services or external suppliers. For one reason or another, the communications professional ends up being the one-man band as the company cannot afford additional resources, nor can it hire yet another professional to take on some of the responsibilities, nor can it outsource this specific service at an exorbitant cost.

Thus the communication professional ends up constantly monitoring the flow of information to then synthesize it and pass it on to the management of the company, give adequate advice for follow-up, organize events and campaigns, stay in contact with the media at all the times, prepare speeches, announcements, statements, write letters, press releases and so on… the tasks vary a lot depending on the specific company and its needs.However, what absolutely every company, organization, person, or brand needs is information awareness. There is no way for a company to survive and be successful if it is not fully informed of the context of the media environment in which it is positioned. Every brand needs to know what and where someone has written about it because the media have a huge impact on the masses and the direct customers.

How Perceptica can help

Below is our proposal designed to make things as easy as possible for the overworked PR and/or marketing experts without burdening the company’s budget.

We present to you the Start Monitoring package. It provides three services which will fully cater for your need for basic media monitoring:

  • Daily monitoring
  • Daily Leading Bulgarian News newsletter
  • Publishing press releases

More information about these services and the Start Monitoring package is available here: 

You can subscribe to our Start Monitoring package at BGN 150 without VAT per month.

This package will equip you with the most important services in the field of media monitoring and will also assist in furthering your messages and news via your press releases. You will be updated on all that is written about you in the media as well as all that is happening in our country, without burdening your company’s budget in the process.

Contact us to request a Start Monitoring package, or in case you require additional information or assistance.