How Twitter has affected online communication after 8 years of microblogging? 21Mar

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A lot can happen within 8 years in today’s world of technological innovation and growing digitalization of all realms of life. Twitter’s 8th Birthday is a great opportunity to take a look at the micro blogging platform and trace its influence- not only for private users but also for major companies and even governments. See an Illustrated History of Twitter Less is more Word minimalism is nothing new, but it has…


Experience Marketing 22Nov

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This week we had the pleasure to participate in the annual BG Site webinar among other presenters who covered a variety of topics: from Your Online Marketing Mix to Оn-site optimization, UX Design, Writing for web and Digital democracy with web tools. Perceptica’s participation in the webinar was my presentation focused on contemporary tendencies in using Social media for Experience/Experiential Marketing. In this blog post, I will try to outline the…

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Perceptica @ IPRA 2013 7Nov

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Alastair Campbell Yesterday’s IPRA CEE Conference presented the Bulgarian audience with the great opportunity to interact with a number of PR and Communications professionals who delivered a well targeted, engaging and thoroughly interesting set of presentations. Alastair Campbell, Director of Communications and Strategy for Prime Minister Tony Blair between 1997 and 2003, opened the discussion with a presentation that more or less encompassed the main focus of the whole event: The Power of communications in…


Welcome to Pre-Commerce! 7May

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If you think that the ingenious ad you’ve created recently or the newest brand promotion you conceived are the tools that will earn you an edge with your customers…think again! The old days of marketing and advertising are over (whether you want to admit it, or not). You might create as brilliant content as you wish, but if people do not pick it up and spread the word themselves, this…

Retail Chains

Chain reactions 2Nov

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The retail industry has always been of major interest to both consumers and marketers. We decided to seize the opportunity and analyse what the media has to say about the biggest retail chains in Bulgaria both in conventional news outlets and the social media. Some of the results, about the industry as a whole and particular retail chains as well, proved quite interesting. Would you like to see them? Track…

Pinterest sells

The selling power of Pinterest 25Oct

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Social media has been the hottest thing around for a while, after the hype surrounding Twitter and Facebook, the crowds are now getting Pinsane. Why? Social media put a strong emphasis on quality visuals and content, which brought it many engaged users. In theory the visual side of direct communication has 60% impact on the person you communicate with, while, vocal amounts to 30% and verbal- only to 10%. In…

Creating Social Media Content

Some thoughts on content marketing trends 18Oct

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A recent Econsultancy report and a Business Insider interview with Scott Monty, Ford’s global head of social media, shed some light on how companies and brands approach social media, generate social media content, and engage with their customers and fans. The Econsultancy report and Mr. Monty confirmed presence in the social media has become vital for any company and brand. What is more intriguing here is how the communication and…


Banks need to cherish social media, not shy away from it 17Oct

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How do foreign banks cope with the social media challenge compared with Bulgarian lenders? By Martin Miliev, Project Manager at Perceptica Media Research (The article originally appeared in SeeNews SEE TOP100 2012) The social media rise to prominence over the past decade has been well documented. It comes as no surprise that the sheer power and possibilities, offered by the user-generated media, have enthralled marketing and communication specialists and forced…


Selecting the proper social media channels 27Aug

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A recent poll by the Creative Group, the specialist recruitment firm, found out only a fifth of US brand owners and agencies plan to use Pinterest, the image-sharing platform, for business purposes, despite its rising popularity among consumers. We at Perceptica, have stressed out on numerous occasions, that not all social media platforms are created equal and companies and brands should thread carefully when picking what social media platforms to…

Social Media Conversation

Eavesdropping on the social media conversation 17Aug

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The “Engage in the social media conversation” mantra has been around for a while now. Communication specialists have been repeating it for so long that it has become a cliché. What is even worse, the engagement approach might be barren as separate reports from McKinsey and Forrester suggest. Even more, companies like Wal-mart and LL Bean are discovering themselves that the engagement might not lead to success on the market…