Politics media perception

  • Who is the most influential politician and why?
  • How are our political messages perceived by the media and the people?
  • What are people likely to approve in our campaign?
  • What are the key attributes that shape up political image in the eyes of the general public?

This type of analysis helps evaluate how well political values and ideas of a party are displayed in the conventional media. It gauges the effectiveness of the various communication channels and identifies key opinion-makers like journalists, academics and industry experts, who can sway the public opinion.

Moreover, the research assesses the media performance and presence of key party personnel. It pinpoints the most active political leaders and their contribution toward popularising and promoting the party’s ideology and agenda.

The in-depth review of social media can gather further intelligence on how people are responding to the political agenda of the party and their overall attitudes toward the key party figures. It highlights certain events and issues and how they impact people’s perception of the party and its ideas.

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