Industry media research

  • What problems does the industry face according to customers?
  • How do the major sector players perform in terms of PR & Marketing efforts?
  • What are the main reputation drivers for the industry?
  • What are the industry events which media and customers are most interested in?

For industries driven by reputation, the business of which is directly linked to end-customers, it is crucial to get an insight into what the media think and how they write about them, as well as into social-media conversations in which their end-customers show up.

This is a type of research through which sector players could not only wise up to their corporate or brand image and benchmark against the industry as a whole, but also realise the industry’s image and which events, messages, spokespeople, analysts and topics shape that image

Most importantly, the research gives you a clear indication of where an organisation ranks against its peers, thus proving the effectiveness of your efforts or providing you with the intelligence needed to enter new markets.

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