Add-on services

Media monitoring

  • Source assessment & ranking: Assessment of pre-defined
    list of sources, identification and selection of relevant sources,
    trial monitoring of sources, source ranking based on their importance and/or coverage, focus and influence.
  • Search/feed building & optimisation: Design and re-design
    search queries and/or keyword(s) and keyword phrases,
    Boolean logics, etc. in accordance with the type of media monitored. The service includes translation of search terms
    and building search strings in all languages we cover.
  • Automatically generated monitoring
  • Manually managed newsletters
  • Digital & press clipping
  • Alerts
  • Content review & selection: includes all types of media

Publisher relations

  • Source planning & prospecting: Identification of ways to access premium sources, aggregated platforms, and gathering data such as subscription pricing, licensing fees and other pricing schemes; identification of delivery options; analysis of copyrights and restrictions.


Light, normal or advanced depending on the number of required indexing categories:

  • Subject indexing: indexing by a range of subjects specified by client: topic, industry/sector, product, brand, key people, author, location, language, company/organization etc.
  • Sentiment indexing: tonality, favorability, key message defining and tagging.
  • Appearance indexing: positioning/location, visual presence, magnitude, size

Translation and summaries

  • Headline translation
  • Translation of various texts: from 30+ languages
  • Summary writing: short (30-50 words), normal (50-100 words), long (>100 words) summaries.

Research & analysis

  • Commentary writing
  • Data visualisation
  • Interviewing & surveying
  • Desk top research on demand