Media Consultancy

Linking measurement to business goals and results is essential to each media evaluation project, because without knowing what counts as success, success cannot be measured.

Therefore, understand our clients and help them build their own and unique media evaluation model is our first mission. We start with reviewing the client’s communication strategy, realising their needs and defining together the objectives of the media evaluation model based on their key performance indicators (KPIs). In order to structure media analyses which will let our clients successfully plan, implement and improve their strategy, we run a thorough consultancy process through which we work closely with them to help them understand the analysis metrics, our recommendations, the standards and the best practices in media evaluation. If necessary, we also guide them in determining their KPIs to ultimately prove their contribution to their overall corporate strategy.

Media Intelligence

Apart from the traditional media monitoring and listening of social media, which is a must-have in a world where people form their opinions online, we deliver a whole range of media-intelligence services that help our clients find their way through the huge volumes of data circulating around and get the information they need in a structured manner. Supported by technology, we use primarily human intelligence to assess and rank media sources, research and identify search terms, build up search queries in 30+ languages, select and review specific content, create custom newsletters, translate or summarise.

Identifying and monitoring the most relevant media outlets, both conventional and social, is vital for setting up any communications strategy and media analysis project.

In order to build proper media image evaluation model and select proper metrics, we examine thoroughly the news outlets and various social media platforms in terms of target audience, dynamics and conversation agenda. Based on this preliminary evaluation, we handpick the media channels with the most profound impact on the client’s media image.

Additionally, we compile the appropriate search terms and set up search algorithms to harvest the relevant content from the selected traditional and social media outlets.


Media Evaluation

Media analyses based on observation-driven insights are our primary focus.

We combine technology and human expertise to identify, harvest and analyse the most relevant and vital conventional and social media content.

The language expertise and familiarity with the nature and specifics of the social media channels allow our researchers to capture nuances in the content and gain full understanding of the media buzz about a company or a brand.

The amassed data and insights are delivered in an easy to read and digest form. As the communication strategies and necessities of our clients differ, our reports are specifically tailored to address those client’s needs and requirements.

Our analyses demonstrate the value of strategic communications, they are globally understood and affordable. As a third unbiased party, they strengthen the factual approach to decision making – a key function of our services – and naturally boost our clients’ success.

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