Bulgarians are becoming increasingly hostile towards refugees 30Mar

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There is a growing animosity towards refugees in the Bulgarian Social Media, Perceptica claims Nearly half of the Social Media users in Bulgaria are against welcoming refugees, according to a new study by Media Analysis provider Perceptica. The study covers 80,000 mentions in Mainstream sources and almost 30,000 in the Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Forums and Blogs) from the second half of 2015. No fewer than 47% of all Social…

Greece in the eye of the (Balkan) Beholder 5Oct

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We proudly announce some of the key findings of our internal research project that monitors sentiment towards the events in Greece in the light of the referendum on accepting or rejecting the agreement with the country’s creditors. The full survey as well as additional economic information on the Southeast Europe region can be found in this year’s SEE Top 100 that’s due to come out on October 6, 2015. Methodology Social…

IAB forum 2015, Measurement and Interactive Marketing 4May

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The mission of Interactive Advertising Beaurau (IAB) Bulgaria is to promote the advantages of interactive marketing and establish Internet as a key communication channel along with traditional print and broadcast media. In line with IAB values the topic of this year’s IAB forum put a strong emphasis not only on Content Marketing, customer experience and digital advertising, but also on the ways to measure the success of marketing tools, ads…

How to measure success? The consensus on good practices in social-media evaluation 4May

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Under this slogan I presented Perceptica and AMEC’s Social Media Measurement Frameworks at IAB’s annual forum in Sofia this year, the country’s most popular event for digital-ads professionals. As I expected the elite of the local digital comms to be there, my idea was to show why, how and by whom the best practices in social-media measurement are being developed, and how Perceptica had organically implemented them in its measurement…


How Twitter has affected online communication after 8 years of microblogging? 21Mar

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A lot can happen within 8 years in today’s world of technological innovation and growing digitalization of all realms of life. Twitter’s 8th Birthday is a great opportunity to take a look at the micro blogging platform and trace its influence- not only for private users but also for major companies and even governments. See an Illustrated History of Twitter Less is more Word minimalism is nothing new, but it has…


Experience Marketing 22Nov

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This week we had the pleasure to participate in the annual BG Site webinar among other presenters who covered a variety of topics: from Your Online Marketing Mix to Оn-site optimization, UX Design, Writing for web and Digital democracy with web tools. Perceptica’s participation in the webinar was my presentation focused on contemporary tendencies in using Social media for Experience/Experiential Marketing. In this blog post, I will try to outline the…

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Perceptica @ IPRA 2013 7Nov

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Alastair Campbell Yesterday’s IPRA CEE Conference presented the Bulgarian audience with the great opportunity to interact with a number of PR and Communications professionals who delivered a well targeted, engaging and thoroughly interesting set of presentations. Alastair Campbell, Director of Communications and Strategy for Prime Minister Tony Blair between 1997 and 2003, opened the discussion with a presentation that more or less encompassed the main focus of the whole event: The Power of communications in…


Brandscapes: City Branding and the media images of 10 SEE capitals 22Oct

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Perceptica is proud to announce the results of our internal research project on the media image of 10 selected SEE capitals. This article  as well as additional economic information on the region can be found in this year’s SEE Top 100. The nature of the modern knowledge economy has changed the way we perceive physical spaces. Contemporary cities are increasingly viewed not only as geographic and economic entities, but also…

Digitalk 2013

Take-away business lessons from Digitalk 2013 4Jun

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  Digitalk is among the most forward-looking and ambitious events in the field of digital technologies, business and marketing in Bulgaria and the SEE region. While last year the conference focused primarily on Digital marketing, Digitalk 2013 was dedicated to the three-step process of creating a Global company/brand. The first panel centered on ideas and innovations, the second one- on taking the necessary steps to turn your local business into…

Bulgarian PRpriz awards

Perceptica at the PR Festival 2013 4Jun

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By Alzhbeta Stefanova The last few days have been very exciting for our team as we took part in some of the biggest and most exciting events in the PR and Digital industry in Bulgaria – PR Festival, PRPriz contest and Digitalk 2013. Photo: Bulgarian Public Relations Society The PR Festival and contest were organized by the Bulgarian Public Relations Society and gathered some of the best projects and teams…