Bulgarians are becoming increasingly hostile towards refugees 30Mar

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There is a growing animosity towards refugees in the Bulgarian Social Media, Perceptica claims Nearly half of the Social Media users in Bulgaria are against welcoming refugees, according to a new study by Media Analysis provider Perceptica. The study covers 80,000 mentions in Mainstream sources and almost 30,000 in the Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Forums and Blogs) from the second half of 2015. No fewer than 47% of all Social…

How to measure success? The consensus on good practices in social-media evaluation 4May

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Under this slogan I presented Perceptica and AMEC’s Social Media Measurement Frameworks at IAB’s annual forum in Sofia this year, the country’s most popular event for digital-ads professionals. As I expected the elite of the local digital comms to be there, my idea was to show why, how and by whom the best practices in social-media measurement are being developed, and how Perceptica had organically implemented them in its measurement…

Social Media Conversation

Eavesdropping on the social media conversation 17Aug

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The “Engage in the social media conversation” mantra has been around for a while now. Communication specialists have been repeating it for so long that it has become a cliché. What is even worse, the engagement approach might be barren as separate reports from McKinsey and Forrester suggest. Even more, companies like Wal-mart and LL Bean are discovering themselves that the engagement might not lead to success on the market…