Bulgarians are becoming increasingly hostile towards refugees 30Mar

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There is a growing animosity towards refugees in the Bulgarian Social Media, Perceptica claims Nearly half of the Social Media users in Bulgaria are against welcoming refugees, according to a new study by Media Analysis provider Perceptica. The study covers 80,000 mentions in Mainstream sources and almost 30,000 in the Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Forums and Blogs) from the second half of 2015. No fewer than 47% of all Social…


Experience Marketing 22Nov

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This week we had the pleasure to participate in the annual BG Site webinar among other presenters who covered a variety of topics: from Your Online Marketing Mix to Оn-site optimization, UX Design, Writing for web and Digital democracy with web tools. Perceptica’s participation in the webinar was my presentation focused on contemporary tendencies in using Social media for Experience/Experiential Marketing. In this blog post, I will try to outline the…


Welcome to Pre-Commerce! 7May

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If you think that the ingenious ad you’ve created recently or the newest brand promotion you conceived are the tools that will earn you an edge with your customers…think again! The old days of marketing and advertising are over (whether you want to admit it, or not). You might create as brilliant content as you wish, but if people do not pick it up and spread the word themselves, this…


Banks need to cherish social media, not shy away from it 17Oct

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How do foreign banks cope with the social media challenge compared with Bulgarian lenders? By Martin Miliev, Project Manager at Perceptica Media Research (The article originally appeared in SeeNews SEE TOP100 2012) The social media rise to prominence over the past decade has been well documented. It comes as no surprise that the sheer power and possibilities, offered by the user-generated media, have enthralled marketing and communication specialists and forced…