IAB forum 2015, Measurement and Interactive Marketing 4May

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The mission of Interactive Advertising Beaurau (IAB) Bulgaria is to promote the advantages of interactive marketing and establish Internet as a key communication channel along with traditional print and broadcast media.

In line with IAB values the topic of this year’s IAB forum put a strong emphasis not only on Content Marketing, customer experience and digital advertising, but also on the ways to measure the success of marketing tools, ads and campaigns. Chavdar Dimov from Economedia presented the results of the AdEx report for 2014 and the rest of the panel on analytics also included intriguing data from DigiSCOPE CEE which focused on Media consumption tendencies and consumer habits online.

Social Media Measurement and Analytics, however, remained a new and unexplored ground until the presentation of Rayna Grudova deLange (Perceptica/A Data pro). Mrs. De Lange addressed the complexity of the subject by combining theory and practice with a Percetica case study on the representation of key Bulgarian brands in traditional and social media.

In order to preserve client confidentiality, the case study focused on analytics methodology and graph data with anonymous brand nomenclature (comparison between bank A,B,C..etc). AMEC* standards were outlined along with the Paid, Owned and Earned Social Media Measurement Framework, which is established by the organization and is used as a benchmark by Perceptica and A Data Pro.

The discussion panel revealed a need to establish social media measurement standards on a wider national scale. Bulgarian social media analytics still more focus on quantitative benchmarks and there is a wide niche for development in this sector, as traditional marketing tools are much more widely spread than the qualitative approach to Social Media Analytics.

*AMEC: Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication

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