Greece in the eye of the (Balkan) Beholder 5Oct

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We proudly announce some of the key findings of our internal research project that monitors sentiment towards the events in Greece in the light of the referendum on accepting or rejecting the agreement with the country’s creditors. The full survey as well as additional economic information on the Southeast Europe region can be found in this year’s SEE Top 100 that’s due to come out on October 6, 2015. Methodology Social…

Digitalk 2013

Take-away business lessons from Digitalk 2013 4Jun

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  Digitalk is among the most forward-looking and ambitious events in the field of digital technologies, business and marketing in Bulgaria and the SEE region. While last year the conference focused primarily on Digital marketing, Digitalk 2013 was dedicated to the three-step process of creating a Global company/brand. The first panel centered on ideas and innovations, the second one- on taking the necessary steps to turn your local business into…


Welcome to Pre-Commerce! 7May

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If you think that the ingenious ad you’ve created recently or the newest brand promotion you conceived are the tools that will earn you an edge with your customers…think again! The old days of marketing and advertising are over (whether you want to admit it, or not). You might create as brilliant content as you wish, but if people do not pick it up and spread the word themselves, this…