About Perceptica

Perceptica is the A Data Pro brand specializing in monitoring, measurement and analytics of mainstream and social media.

Our monitoring and analysis professionals are experienced in identifying online conversations and influencers in the modern online landscape and transforming them into key insights and opportunities for engagement that are relevant to our clients’ businesses.

Based in Sofia, Bulgaria, our team has experience and expertise both in conventional and social media monitoring and listening, producing bespoke, in-depth reports aimed at providing a clear understanding of the marketplace and how a brand, organization or conversation is perceived. Our teams have gained experience in working on both local and outsourcing social media listening projects for brands and companies operating in the following industries:

  • Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals
  • Telecommunications
  • Cosmetics
  • Automotive
  • Events and Entertainment
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Financial Services

The analytics process is structured encompassing different stages of expertise including content harvesting, search-string building and optimization, data cleaning, coding, insight generation, dashboard and graphs analysis, report-writing, offering overall project management and quality assurance.

Our analysts have experience in working both in with major content databases, aggregators, analytics tools and CMS platforms, as well as publicly available content on the web.

Our media and social media listening services are offered in all main European languages /English, Italian, French, Spanish, German, Russian/. Report-writing is offered in English and Bulgarian.
Since 2012, Perceptica has been an Associated member of AMEC, the global communication measurement and evaluation organisation. For more information or to request a sample report, please visit perceptica.com or contact us at +359 2 8012 623 and consulting@perceptica.com .