Selecting the proper social media channels 27Aug

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A recent poll by the Creative Group, the specialist recruitment firm, found out only a fifth of US brand owners and agencies plan to use Pinterest, the image-sharing platform, for business purposes, despite its rising popularity among consumers. We at Perceptica, have stressed out on numerous occasions, that not all social media platforms are created equal and companies and brands should thread carefully when picking what social media platforms to…

Social Media Conversation

Eavesdropping on the social media conversation 17Aug

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The “Engage in the social media conversation” mantra has been around for a while now. Communication specialists have been repeating it for so long that it has become a cliché. What is even worse, the engagement approach might be barren as separate reports from McKinsey and Forrester suggest. Even more, companies like Wal-mart and LL Bean are discovering themselves that the engagement might not lead to success on the market…